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Sox: A Family's Best Friend

The Levy family is just starting their new life together, but there seems to be something missing. The boys, Jesse & Liam, are not getting along and their Mom (Ashley Noel) doesn't know what to do. Things get worse when their dad (Jamison Haase) has to leave town on business. Things seem hopeless until Uncle Nick (David DeLuise) come to visit and brings a present: Sox the dog! But Sox is hiding a secret too: He can talk! But the F.B.D.I and local dogcatchers are after him. Can the Levy family keep him safe?

  • J. Horton


  • David DeLuise
  • Kerry Lynne Feirman
  • Jamison Haase
  • Ace Hunter
  • Andrew Lauer
  • Burl Moseley
  • Ashley Noel
  • Robert Parks-Valletta
  • Donna Pieroni
  • Aidan Potter
Year: 2013
  • Popularity: 4.9
  • Rating: G
  • Runtime: 85