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Grand Prix: The Winning Tale

Fourteen-year-old Alice could have been the most popular kid in her small town, but her father's marriage has landed her in the Big City. Alice immediately runs in to trouble with the school bully Rick. No matter what Alice does, Rick and his thugs are relentless in terrorizing the young girl and her new friends. The only way to put Rick in his place is to beat him at his own game, go kart racing. Equipped with only an old broken go kart, Alice and her friends have nowhere to turn but to Dom, an older kid who used to be the Go Kart King. As Dom teaches Alice that go kart racing is not about just going fast, but maturity and calm, Alice realizes that facing down the bullies will be the biggest challenge of her life.

  • Robert Paschall Jr.


  • Carlisle Studer
  • Hunter Pecunia
  • Justice Luce
  • Mack White III
  • Sinjin Venegas
  • Reed Williams
  • Hunter Carson
  • Gwendolynn Murphy
  • David Cameron Avery
  • Adam Doughty
Year: 2011
  • Popularity: 5.3
  • Rating: NR
  • Runtime: 93